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Training topics

Series 1Series 2Series 3
1. Using Survey Queue11. Record Dashboard & Logs21. Customizing REDCap design / Adding HTML
2. Data Dictionary - Quick Build-Out12. Data Import Tool22. Data Validation
3. Survey Notifications13. Data Quality Application23. REDCap Mobile App
4. Participant List / Open Survey14. Data Export Tool24. Dynamic Data Pull Demo
5. Longitudinal Model15. Project Logging and History25. Data Entry Trigger for Real Time Notifications
6. Building Report / Export16. Survey Settings26. Automated Survey Invitation
7. User Rights, DAG (Data Access Groups)17. Double Data Entry27. Utilizing API to Export and Import
8. Using the “Create New Project”18. Starting Branching Logic28. Field Comments / History
9. Cool Optional Features19. Starting Calculated Fields29. Avoid REDCap User Pitfalls
10. Using Annotations20. Making Production Changes30. Twilio Voice and SMS Survey

1. Using Survey Queue - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] Activate or Deactivate Survey Queue. Enable the Auto start option.
[View Image] More logic in the “How to use this” tooltip.
[View Image] Custom Text at top of survey (optional).
2. Data Dictionary - Quick Build-Out - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] What is the Data Dictionary?
[View Image] Download and Upload the Data Dictionary.
[View Image] Make edits to a data dictionary for a project in development or already in production.
3. Survey Notifications - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Enable Notifications for a survey.
[View Image] Add secondary or tertiary emails for survey notifications.
[View Image] Choose Recipient email address for survey.
4. Participant List / Open Survey - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Add participants for the survey.
[View Image] Compose Survey Invitations through REDCap.
[View Image] View the Survey Invitation Log.
5. Longitudinal Model - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] What is a longitudinal project?
[View Image] Set up linkages between events and data entry forms.
[View Image] Establishing the events and scheduling intervals for the project.
6. Building Report / Export - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Create Report by adding fields and filters.
[View Image] View Report and Export Data options.
[View Image] View and use the Stats & Charts.
7. User Rights, DAG (Data Access Groups) - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Create DAG, Add Group, and Assign user.
[View Image] Add user with custom rights.
[View Image] Assign Roles to multiple users.
8. Using the “Create New Project” - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Choose a project template or create empty project.
[View Image] Filling out the form for a new project.
[View Image] REDCap License and Use Agreement.
9. Cool Optional Features - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Customization options such as define secondary unique field and ‘reason’ when making changes to records.
[View Image] Set a custom record label.
[View Image] Order records by another field.
10. Using Annotations - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] What is a Field Annotation?
[View Image] Map the field to various standards (e.g. , CDISC, SNOMED, LOINC) and using whatever notation the user sees fit.
[View Image] Hiding fields or Read only fields on survey page, data form, and / or mobile app.
[View Image] Other Action Tags (Password mask, Capture Time, Capture Date, Capture Bar code via Mobile App)
11. Record Dashboard & Logs - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Logging and downloading entire log record to Microsoft Excel.
[View Image] Record Status Dashboard and displaying status.
[View Image] Add/Edit Records, Download PDF of instruments, and basic data entry.
12. Data Import Tool - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] Download the Data Import Template with records in rows or columns.
[View Image] Options for Data Import such as Record format, Format for date and date time values.
[View Image] Option for allowing blank values to overwrite existing saved values.
13. Data Quality Application - In Progress (Intermediate)
[View Image] Real time execution of Data Quality rule.
[View Image] Simple functions that can be used with Data Quality rule.
[View Image] Differences between running Data Quality rule and real time Data Quality rule.
14. Data Export Tool - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] Exporting entire data set.
[View Image] General export for SPSS, SAS, R, and Stata.
[View Image] Exporting data into a PDF.
15. Project Logging and History - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Business need of logging module.
[View Image] Enabling project logging and history in User Rights.
[View Image] Using field comments and downloading logging module.
16. Survey Settings - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Survey Design and Survey Customization (Survey Title, Survey Logo, Question Numbering, Question Display Format)
[View Image] Survey Access (Survey Expiration, Save & Return Later option for respondents)
[View Image] Survey termination options (Redirect to URL, Piping, Auto-Continue to next survey)
17. Double Data Entry - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] What is Double Data Entry?
[View Image] Enabling Double Data Entry.
[View Image] Assigning DDE person 1, 2, and Reviewers.
18. Starting Branching Logic - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] Previewing your branching logic.
[View Image] Using branching logic by clicking / dragging or manual entry.
[View Image] Different Forms or Events (longitudinal) being used in branching logic.
19. Starting Calculated Fields - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] Formatting calculated fields.
[View Image] Formatting calculated fields from different forms or events.
[View Image] Utilizing calculated fields and branching logic.
20. Making Production Changes – Complete (Basic)
[View Image] How do I make changes?
[View Image] Risks of modifying database that is in Production.
[View Image] Can I modify or reorder fields?
21. Customizing REDCap design / Adding HTML - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] Change font style and color, but not reflected in PDF print.
[View Image] Pre-fill survey Questions.
[View Image] Use special foreign language characters in REDCap forms.
22. Data Validation - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Indicate "dates" in the data dictionary.
[View Image] Text Validation Types.
[View Image] What is Data Validation in REDCap?
23. REDCap Mobile App - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Setting up Mobile App.
[View Image] Business needs of the Mobile App.
[View Image] Linking a project and differences.
24. Dynamic Data Pull Demo - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] What is DDP.
[View Image] Enabling the DDP and viewing the processes.
[View Image] Preview fields.
25. Data Entry Trigger for Real Time Notifications - Complete (Intermediate)
[View Image] What is the Data Entry Trigger?
[View Image] Business need of Data Entry Trigger.
[View Image] Event Driven.
26. Automated Survey Invitation - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] What is Survey Automation?
[View Image] Business need of Survey Automation.
[View Image] Setting up Automated Survey Invitation.
27. Utilizing API to Export and Import - Complete (Advanced) Part 1 Part 2
[View Image] What is the REDCap API (Application Programming Interface) export and import?
[View Image] Business need of REDCap API to export and import.
28. Field Comments / History - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] What is a Field Comment?
[View Image] Where to find the Field Comments log?
[View Image] Business need of Field Comments / History
29. Avoid REDCap User Pitfalls - Complete (Basic)
[View Image] Moving project to production before gathering live data.
[View Image] Creating meaningful variable names.
[View Image] Checking calculations, populating values for reports
[View Image] and more.
30. Twilio Voice and SMS Survey (Intermediate)
[View Image] Setting up Twilio.
[View Image] Twilio Voice.
[View Image] Twilio SMS.

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