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What is TriNetX?

TriNetX is the global health research network enabling healthcare organizations, biopharma and contract research organizations (CROs) to collaborate, enhance trial design, accelerate recruitment and bring new therapies to market faster. Each member of our community shares in the consolidated value of our global, federated health research network that connects clinical researchers in real-time to the patient populations which they are attempting to study.

The TriNetX Network

Bringing together healthcare organizations, biopharma, and CROs.

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What is the primary purpose of TriNetX at VCU?

The purpose is to allow VCU researchers to query data sources such as VCUHS EHR System (Cerner), IDX, Tumor Cancer Registry, Oncore, MCVP, MCVH, and Social Security Admin for a specific patient/potential participant population in a de-identified manner for study feasibility and to help with study design.

How can TriNetX help drive industry research to VCU?

Pharma and clinical research organizations can perform cohort discovery queries across the entire TriNetX network. TriNetX contacts the Wright CCTR when VCU has a population that matches the inclusion and exclusion criteria for a specific study. CCTR’s Clinical Research Services will then contact potential investigators with relevant expertise to gauge participation interest.

i2b2 vs TriNetX Comparison

Featurei2b2TriNetXDirect QueryNotes
Free of Chargeyesyesmaybe
User Account Neededyesyesno*
Filter by Inclusion/Exclusion Criteriayesyesyes
ICD-9 Codingyesyesyes
ICD-10 Codingyesyesyes
Query Sharingyesyesnothe ability to share a query and explore cohort simultaneously
Query Historyyesyesyes
Query Design Assistancenoyesnobuilt in tool to contact i2b2/TNX clinical operations team for assistance in query support and interpreting results
Temporal Queryyesyesyesfilter criteria based on time
Similar Terms Searchyesyesnosimilar terms/codes display on search screen
De-Identified Datayesyesyes
Identified Datamaybemaybemaybemust request data through BIC support request form and provide written IRB approval
Query Buildereasyeasierhard
Query Drill Downnoyesno*ability to view then exclude/include related lab, medication, procedure, and diagnoses counts
Scientific Charts for Proposal Usenoyesno
CPT, Clinical Trials, Tumor Registry Datanoyes*no*
Updated data Weeklynoyes*yes
Review Results from Each Siteyesyes*no

How can I get access to the TriNetX web application?

Visit our one stop web page for all BIC related requests.
Fill and submit the short form to request an TriNetX account.

A VCU TriNetX administrator must set up an account for each user.
Biomedical Informatics Core: Patrick Shi -
Biomedical Informatics Core: Tim Aro -
Cancer Informatics Core: Tom Neumann -

Once you have an account go to: or

TriNetX Training:

Is training a prerequisite to using TriNetX?

No, one does not need to have training prior to using TriNetX.

HELP! I need training. Is it available?

Yes, there are several options. 1) video tutorials embedded within TriNetX, 2) use “My Study Tour” feature - walks you through a study creation, 3) request query assistance from TriNetX, 4) contact Clinical Research Informatics ( to request training.
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How to get De-Identified and Identified Data once a cohort is found?

Once a user finds a cohort, one of the BIC (Biomedical Informatics Core) analysts can identify the patients involved and extract data from multiple sources.

In order for the investigator to have access to Identified Data, a copy of the IRB approval document must be presented to the BIC team. Submit a request at

For a list of Protected Health Information Under the Privacy Rule visit:

Links and More Information

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