This is the preliminary (or launch) version of the 2021-2022 VCU Bulletin. This edition includes all programs and courses approved by the publication deadline; however we may receive notification of additional program approvals after the launch. The final edition and full PDF version will include these updates and will be available in August prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

Biology, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

...Fall semester Hours BIOL 151 Introduction to Biological Sciences I 3 BIOZ 151 Introduction to...

Center for the Study of Biological Complexity

...course; 4 laboratory hours. 2 credits. Corequisite: BIOL 151 or 152 . An exploratory laboratory where...

UNIV 151. Focused Learning Workshop in BIOL 151. 1-2 Hours.

Semester course; 3 workshop hours. 1-2 credits. Corequisite: BIOL 151. Designed to assist students in improving their understanding of complex biology material. Will supplement the BIOL 151 class lecture. Course assists students with integrating how-to-learn with what-to-learn for BIOL 151. Includes both discussion and study-skills strategies. Students required to complete homework assignments and to demonstrate mastery of specific study techniques. In addition to the semester-long 2-credit offering, a 1-credit course is opened to students after the first BIOL 151 exam.

BIOL 151. Introduction to Biological Sciences I. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Prerequisites: MATH 141, MATH 151, MATH 200, MATH 201 or a satisfactory score on the math placement exam; and CHEM 100 with a minimum grade of B, CHEM 101 with a minimum grade of C or a satisfactory score on the chemistry placement exam. Introduction to core biological concepts including cell structure, cellular metabolism, cell division, DNA replication, gene expression and genetics. Designed for biology majors.