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BIOL 495. Research and Thesis. 1-4 Hours.

Semester course; 1-4 research hours. 1-4 credits. Prerequisites: BIOL 392, permission of the supervising faculty member and a research proposal acceptable to the departmental chair. Corequisite: BIOL 489 or BIOL 490. May be repeated for a maximum of eight credits. Students may take a maximum of four credits per semester; maximum total of six credits for all research and internship courses (BIOL 395, BIOL 451, BIOL 453, BIOL 492, BIOL 493, BIOL 495 and/or BIOZ 395) may be applied to the 40 credits of biology required for the major. Additional credits from these courses may be applied to upper-level and open elective credits toward the degree. A minimum of two credits is required for the course to count as a laboratory experience. A minimum of four credits is required for honors in biology. Activities include field and/or laboratory research under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. A minimum of three hours of supervised activity per week per credit hour is required. Research projects must include experimental design and analysis of data. This course must be taken for two consecutive semesters starting in the fall. A written thesis of substantial quality is required upon completion of the research.

Biology, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

...395 , BIOL 395 , BIOL 451 , BIOL 453 , BIOL 492 , BIOL 493 and BIOL 495 ) may...

Social Work, Bachelor of (B.S.W.)

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