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DANC 104. Survey of Dance History. 3 Hours.

Continuous courses; 3 lecture hours. 3-3 credits. Prerequisites: completion of DANC 103 to enroll in DANC 104. Dance major or departmental approval. First semester: dance from ritual to the contemporary ballet and the foundations of the Western aesthetic as it relates to dance, and the development of the ballet. Second semester: Western concert dance from the aesthetic dance of the late 1800s to contemporary modern dance. These courses are the first two of a three-course sequence that fulfills one of the general education writing intensive requirements for dance majors.

Sculpture, Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

...chosen from COAR, CRAF, DANC, FASH, GDES, IDES...Project Seminar 1 ARTH 104 Survey of Art...