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GENP 513. Operative Dentistry Laboratory. 4.5 Hours.

Yearlong course; 213 laboratory contact hours. 4.5 credits. Paired with GENP 512, the courses consist of lectures and laboratory exercises, including both virtual reality-based training and conventional mannequin simulation sessions. Information is presented regarding caries as a disease process, and students are presented with the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to treat the disease with both non-invasive and invasive operative treatment techniques. Extensive didactic instruction and laboratory simulation experience is provided in tooth preparation and restoration. Experience is also provided concerning properties, chemistry and manipulation of the various direct dental restorative materials used to restore teeth to their correct anatomical and functional form. Students receive a grade of CO for fall, with a grade and all credit hours earned in spring.

Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)

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