GRAD 617. Biomedical Sciences Projects in the Community. 2 Hours.

Semester course; 1 lecture hour and 1 service-learning/laboratory hour. 2 credits. Prerequisite: Enrollment requires graduate standing. The community service based experiential learning project is selected to provide an integrative learning experience that addresses the practice of citizenship and promotes an awareness of and participation in public affairs. Service projects will be selected to benefit a community organization, agency, public service provider, the VCU BEST program or another unit within the university. The goal of these projects is to provide students with an opportunity to gain firsthand exposure to specific target populations/organizations, observing the needs and current efforts, if any, to address those needs. Community partners will include nonprofit agencies, schools, worksites, hospitals and state and local health departments. Approved experiential learning placements and assignments will vary depending on the specific project topic and learning objectives. Reflection, project/activity presentation and website narratives will be required for the experiential learning project.