TEDU 471. Internship I (PK-K). 4 Hours.

Semester course; 4 field experience hours. 4 credits. Prerequisites: TEDU 416, TEDU 466 and TEDU 490. Corequisites: TEDU 475 and TEDU 481. Enrollment is restricted to students who have completed the student teaching approval process (including passing scores on VCLA and Praxis II). This internship serves as the teacher candidate’s culminating clinical experience. It provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned during their professional academic preparation. It also serves as an opportunity for public school and VCU personnel to evaluate and strengthen teacher candidates’ application of theory to practice in an early childhood classroom setting. Teacher candidates complete a full-time seven-to-eight-week placement in a PK/K classroom and assume full responsibility for planning and implementing instruction under the tutelage of a cooperating teacher for a minimum of two weeks.