The activity of management is concerned with setting an organization's strategic goals and formulating processes to achieve them. Managers carry out their administrative roles by handling such duties as preparing and administering budgets, planning and directing operations, and coordinating employees' activities.

The management/international management concentration allows students to pursue an interest in the global nature of today's business world. A variety of opportunities for international study within and outside the university are available. Students in the management/international management concentration are encouraged to enrich their learning experience by pursuing a minor in international studies or foreign language, studying abroad through the Consortium International University or taking approved courses outside the School of Business.

Learning goals

The goal of the curriculum for the management concentration is to prepare students for careers that require general skills in business and management.

  1. General management competencies
    Graduates will develop skills in managing people and other resources to help achieve organizational goals.
  2. Analytical competencies
    Graduates will have quantitative and analytical skills that can be applied to the solution of managerial problems.

Student learning outcomes

Upon completing this program, students will know and know how to do the following:

  1. Depth of knowledge
    Demonstrate an understanding fundamental concepts of management that relate to the shaping of employee behaviors toward the achievement of organizational goals 
  2. Communication skills
    Communicate a personal leadership vision that reflects self-awareness, knowledge of leadership theories and concepts, and appropriate oral communication skills
  3. Analytic skills
    Use knowledge of human resource management concepts and data to suggest solutions to management problems
  4. Quantitative skills
    Identify and use relevant data to help make informed decisions about management issues