Microscopy Facility


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The VCU Microscopy Facility is housed within the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. The facility provides researchers with the equipment and expertise required to examine subcellular details at high resolution by both light and electron microscopy and to perform quantitative image analysis. Staff is available for consultation, instruction, assistance and collaboration. Services include:


To use the Microscopy Facility, investigators must be trained by one of the facility staff and must submit a VCU Microscopy Facility Use Authorization form [PDF]. Training sessions are arranged by contacting the facility staff.

Signup for Equipment reservations using the VCU Resource Scheduler. Signup Instructions are available if you need assistance using the VCU RAMS FORCE resource scheduler.

Microscopy Facility Rules


For funding purposes, it is essential to acknowledge the Microscopy Facility in all publications that include data derived from the facility. This should include the statement: "Microscopy was performed at the VCU Microscopy Facility, supported, in part, by funding from NIH-NCI Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA016059".

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