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Student Spotlight: Elisha Dukes

After viewing the work of other students in the Comm Arts program, Elisha was excited and envisioned himself pursuing the same line of work in his future. Now, since his entrance into the program, his skill set has improved and he feels more conscious about his artistic decisions regarding composition, figure, and color. The large number of equipment and opportunities offered in the program have given Elisha the chance to try classes he’s interested in without feeling tied to a single field of study. He appreciates the department’s commitment to teaching different facets, helping students gain a better understanding of their goals and narrowing down their career choices. After completing his studies, Elisha plans to attend graduate school at the University of the Arts London or the Savannah College of Art and Design to major in game design. His words of wisdom to other students are to “incorporate other classes into your schedule that you find interesting, but be sure to coordinate with your advisors.”  [View Image]Untitled [View Image]Untitled

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