How to: Create Account & Login to REDCap?

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How to: Create Account & Login to REDCap?

Unread post by shipy » June 16th, 2016, 4:25 pm

Link to VCU REDCap Homepage

Creating a REDCap Account
How does someone create a VCU REDCap account?
1) Anyone with a VCU eID (active VCU student, VCU faculty, VCU staff, VCU affiliate) would have to log in to REDCap for the first time to have an account automatically created. The password will be the same as the one used to log in to the VCU Google Mail or myvcu.

What if I do not have a VCU eID? What if I want to add someone from outside the institution? For affiliates:
2) If you do not have an affiliate account, you would have to ask your HR representative from the department to request an affiliate account with VCU. The affiliate and/or HR representative will have to partner with VCU Technology Services and provide the appropriate documents to have a VCU eID created.

Affiliate accounts will expire for all status except for retired faculty or professor emeritus. Expired accounts will have to be renewed by contacting your HR representative.

What if I have a VCU eID, but am no longer with VCU or on a VCU contract?
You would have to request an affiliate account from VCU Technology Services who will partner with your HR department.

Logging In
I cannot see the REDCap login page? I want to access REDCap off-VCU campus.
If you are seeing the Redhat test page/error page and would like to access REDCap to manage the project away from VCU, you would need to securely connect (VPN) using Cisco AnyConnect. Log in using eID and connect to (faculty/staff).

The Second Password can be "push" to send a notification to your mobile device to confirm the login. The second password can also be viewed on your mobile DUO app. ... y/2factor/
If there is an issue with an eID account or password, check out VCU password reset ( or pair with the VCU TS Help Desk ( 804-828-2227) and they will be able to assist with eID related questions.

How do I add users to a project?
After an individual logs in to REDCap for the first time, a REDCap account is automatically created.

The project owner or a user with "User Rights" can add a person to the project by eID username in "User Rights" under "Applications". Note: Adding a user by email address will not work.
Students/affiliates will also have to ask a manager or professor to create/copy projects as they do not have the permission to do so.

What if I don't have access to the User Rights or the manager/supervisor has left the project? will be able to add permissions for you if your manager/supervisor is unable to do so. will require written confirmation. Please get in contact with your manager/supervisor and forward or cc the confirmation to

If you are unable to contact the lead manager/supervisor for the project, please follow up with the next manager/supervisor, or contact the dean.

What if I have never received a verification email or see a forbidden page when I've clicked on the verification link?
Let know your eID and we can check/verify the email for you. It is possible that the verification email sent out before your generic email was enabled to "receive" emails.

What if I want to change my primary or add a secondary/tertiary REDCap email?
If you do not enjoy using the e-mail that was originally assigned to you, click My Profile (top right corner) after logging in REDCap to change primary or secondary e-mails.

What if I want to access projects that were tied to my old or previous username?
Request your HR department to use your original VCU eID as your username. Send us an email at to check your original username.

If you could not request to reuse your original username, login to REDCap using your new affiliate username and send us an email of your name and affiliate username. The team can grant you access to old projects.

I cannot create/copy projects and am not labeled as a faculty/staff. Help?
Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions. Students must ask a faculty or staff to create the project(s) and then add that person to those projects. REDCap relies exclusively on the VCU central authentication attributes to determine project creation abilities. To make it easier for that person, the manager can simply create multiple empty projects for the individual to be able to use them as needed.
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