What We Do

Bioanalysis For over thirty years, our Bioanalytical laboratory has been collaborating with the scientific community as a shared resource and service center to answer quantitative questions related to biologic and non-biologic bio/pharmaceutical research. Small and large molecule quantification (HPLC-UV/PDA/Fluor/ and LC-MS/MS) in biological fluids

Small and large molecule quantification (HPLC-UV/PDA/Fluor/ and LC-MS/MS) in biological fluids

Biorelevant in Vitro Release Testing Design and build in vitro devices that can be validated for accurately predicting in vivo bioavailability. This approach provides a better estimate of exposure or therapeutic potential from a variety of vehicles and aids in the selection of optimal conditions for further study.

Dosage Form Characterization We have evaluated various dosage forms (i.e. suspensions) for potency, purity, stability, forced degradation studies, and stability indicating method development and validations.

Protein Quantification Mass Spectrometry Quantitative analysis of peptides and proteins using the signature peptide approach and/or multiply charge intact peptides. The signature peptide approach offers a unique targeted peptide as the intact protein surrogate for quantification as a more selective alternative to traditional ligand binding assays. We have also quantified smaller proteins and peptides using mass spectrometry without the need for proteolytic digestion by selected reaction monitoring (SRM) of the multiply charged species [MN+].

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