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Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Humphrey Fellowship Program, sponsored by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is a US government international exchange program supported by the people of the United States.

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HAPPY 2019, happy spring semester begins!

I am Duanduan Yuan, from China, the first Chinese fellow in the VCU Humphrey program. Every year, January—the first month of the year, always presents something special, and something new. It is the sign of all beginnings and possesses the ability to see things both past and future. We, Humphrey fellows, also, started our second […]

Our November started the best way possible: The Global Leadership Forum 2018!

We are 150 Humphrey voices from over 97 different countries spread in 13 Universities around the US. “Creating a Shared future” was the topic of 2018 GLF. The GLF lasted only four days, but it felt like a really long time, not just because of our very busy agenda but certainly, because it was a […]

kindness “is all you can see in Richmond “

kindness “is all you can see in Richmond “ smiley faces, friendly gestures and a welcoming reception. this beautiful city with its high mountains and colorful Autumn season gives visitors a peaceful atmosphere. for me to be part of Richmond and especially to be part of  VCU gives me a wider experience of life. VCU […]

Time for a Retreat

A retreat to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond was organized for improving teamwork with the additional aim to make the Humphrey Fellows at Virginia Commonwealth University realize their competencies and better understand each other. As usual it was a short ride, however this time it was in the sports car of our coordinator […]

Humphrey Fellowship Adventure

And so, it begins… … with an unexpected and wonderful airport welcome from my friendship family and James River Hiker Members. The whirlwind journey begins the next day with a packed schedule of orientations, tours and all types of SHOPPING! Plus, we meet many kind and generous people who made it a very enjoyable experience. […]

Life as a Humphrey Fellow

  My name is Alireza Bayat and I am a Humphrey Fellow from Iran. Being a part of the Humphrey Fellowship Program can be a good opportunity for anyone who wants to make a change in his/her community. As a Humphrey Fellow, I’ve had many new experiences. Each day I learn more about other people’s […]

America: The other side of coin!

    Being an exchange student was my dream since I read, “Jannat Kay Pattay,” a novel by the Pakistani novelist, Nimra Ahmed, in which a girl got selected to go on a cultural exchange program. However, this current blog is actually from the lens of an international scholar. You may agree or disagree with […]

August 2017 Humphrey Blog by Zaira Zambelli Taveira

All the joy of receiving the news that we were selected for the Program and then finding out we were coming to VCU; All the arrangements we had to get done to be away for 10 months from our jobs, our homes, our countries; All the e-mails and paperwork concerning the documents needed to get […]

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