October, 2020 CIO Update

Since this month is Cybersecurity Awareness month, I’d like to remind everyone of some easy ways to stay secure. I am also happy to highlight our expansion of Zoom services as VCU continues to operate in a much more virtual way. Cybersecurity Awareness Month Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have […]

September, 2020 CIO Update

As we continue the Fall semester in our state of “new normal,” I thought I would share how the IT Support Center has adapted to operating in our current environment as well as highlight a now 10 year-old service. The IT Support Center In A Pandemic In a normal environment, the IT Support Center (ITSC) […]

July 2020 CIO Update

As we approach the beginning of what will be a very different academic year, I thought I would highlight some major changes that we’ve been involved with over the summer in Technology Services. Construction on Campus  Below touches on progress made in a few of the many network expansion projects we are working on, but […]

June, 2020 CIO Update

Happy Fiscal Year End! For this month’s entry I will take a break from COVID-related projects and focus on one highlight from this fiscal year and one of our largest projects moving into next fiscal year: ITCC Year 1 Today marks the last day of the inaugural year of the Information Technology Career Community (ITCC).   Following […]

April, 2020 CIO Update

Here we are at the end of Spring semester and the end of our first full month in COVID-19 quarantine mode. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, particularly those designated employees who are still physically on-site every day, Technology Services continues to serve the needs of students, staff, faculty, and the Health System in both “normal” […]

March 2020 CIO Update

If you can read this, in addition to thanking a teacher, thank an IT professional.  Today’s circumstances are certainly a reminder of how reliant we are on technology and the crucial role technology can play in extreme circumstances.  When I reflect back on the past few weeks and see all that has been accomplished by […]

February 2020 CIO Update

Happy almost Leap Day!  For this month’s entry, I am sharing some information on the remote parts of our campus network, and I’m also happy to highlight a new wireless presentation solution recently introduced by Academic Technologies. Wide Area Networks VCU Network Services recently completed the migration of circuits supporting ten remote sites to a […]

January 2020 CIO Update

Well, here we are in 2020!  We have started the new semester and year with several changes and initiatives. Below please find information on a few of them: VCU Mobile Expansion Two new modules, Facilities Self Service and Leave Calculator have recently been added. Facilities Self Service allows you to put in a new service request […]

December 2019 CIO Update

Best wishes for the holiday season!  I hope all my colleagues are able enjoy some time off, and I am particularly thankful (as I know all of the VCU community is) to those working over the holidays.  This month, I feature two initiatives that represent great progress for Technology Services: Kaltura Classroom Academic Technologies recently […]

November 2019 CIO Update

I hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday filled with friends and family.  In this month’s entry, I thought I would highlight two important initiatives that benefit the VCU community. Information Security Heroes In the world of cybersecurity, many cybercriminals gain their foothold in an organization through the exploitation of vulnerable websites/web applications or the […]

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