Jackson Ward Collective serves Richmond’s Black entrepreneurs, partners with VCU students

IN THE NEWS / MARCH 2021 “Jackson Ward Collective extended its network to VCU students this year through a partnership with Activation Capital — a nonprofit organization that helps new entrepreneurs with their ideas — and the university’s da Vinci Center for Innovation. The program, titled the Entrepreneurship Academy, promotes economic development and extends opportunities […]

A new VCU initiative is encouraging innovation by students and local entrepreneurs

IN THE NEWS / MARCH 2021 “Through a new collaboration with Richmond-area entrepreneurs, underrepresented students at Virginia Commonwealth University will have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and gain real-world experience.” RICHMOND INNO

New innovation and entrepreneurship program planned at VCU for underrepresented and low-income students

IN THE NEWS / FEBRUARY 2021 “The academy will bring together 150 underrepresented students consisting of first-generation college students and low-income students alongside 50 community members identified by the Jackson Ward Collective and Activation Capital.” RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH

New In-Residence Positions at VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation

ANNOUNCEMENTS VCU da Vinci Center announces the newest members of their team for the Spring 2021 semester. Patricia Bradby, MBA: Ideator in Residence Patricia Bradby finds her joy in connecting people to resources. While pursuing a BM in Music Business from New York University, she created a nonprofit organization to connect local public schools to […]

VCU teams up with Activation Capital and The Jackson Ward Collective to earn grant to Improve 21st Century Skills for Underrepresented Students

ANNOUNCEMENTS The VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation is pioneering a new model of delivering 21st-century innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Through a new grant, the VCU da Vinci Center and VCU REAL will partner with the Jackson Ward Collective and Activation Capital to form the ‘VCU Entrepreneurship Academy,’ consisting of a blended learning environment where […]

RVA My Way: Jon Mirador

IN THE NEWS / JANUARY 2021 “When something piques Jon Mirador’s interest, he goes all in. The junior at Virginia Commonwealth University was originally a mechanical engineering major but once he started taking some classes at VCU’s da Vinci Center, the university’s home for advancing innovation and entrepreneurship through cross-disciplinary collaboration, he was hooked. Now he is […]

VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation Announces Opportunity for Graduating Seniors at CodeRVA Regional High School

ANNOUNCEMENTS {Richmond, Virginia} – VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation is excited to offer admission to their undergraduate certificate program in Human Centered Design to CodeRVA Regional High School students.  “The skills that CodeRVA students develop in high school are natural building blocks for the type of innovative and entrepreneurial offerings at the da Vinci […]

Experiential learning, long a key piece of a VCU education, is as important as ever

IN THE NEWS / DECEMBER 2020 Nursing student Lyndsey Highlander took a chance on such an opportunity and was amazed at what she learned. She volunteered to take part in a design sprint through the VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation where teams develop an idea for a product.  “Close to when COVID started, we were getting all […]

The Innovators

IN THE NEWS / NOVEMBER 2020 The da Vinci Center for Innovation at VCU pulls together students from unlikely disciplines to innovate new products, an idea that was novel at its inception. “Sometime around 2007, arts, engineering and business decided that they would collaborate in offering a new undergraduate program in product innovation,”  says Garret […]

Garret Westlake to join SISU as Visiting Scholar of Innovation

ANNOUNCEMENTS In August 2020 Garret Westlake, Executive Director of the VCU da Vinci Center for Innovation, was invited to be the inaugural visiting scholar for SISU: The Innovation Institute at Northern Michigan University during the 2020-2021 academic year. Westlake will engage virtually in guest lectures, research and strategy development with the new director of the […]

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