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How can you practice gratitude?

Feeling grateful isn’t always easy, especially when life throws challenges your way. Try these tips the next time you want to appreciate the people, events, or experiences that are most important to you.

[View Image] Spend a few minutes at the end of each day and think about, or even write down, what you are grateful for that day.


[View Image]

Say “thank you” to people you don’t know, such as waving when a person lets your car cut in during traffic.


[View Image]

Start a family ritual of gratitude, such as giving thanks before a meal.



[View Image]

If you’re feeling burdened by health issues, give thanks for the abilities you have.


[View Image]

Call, email, or write someone just to say “thanks.”



[View Image]

Find a creative way to give thanks. For example, plant a garden of gratitude or take pictures of things you are grateful for.


At VCU we want our employees to live their best life – at work and at home!  Join HR’s Work, Life and well-being programs.  To see the complete list go here.  To register for a class, just click on the name of the class.  To see a complete list of sessions we offer please go here.

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