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Giving VCU employees the wellness resources they need to be healthy both on and off campus

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A health care clinic  for state employees is available! The state’s Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) partnered with VCU Health System to open a 3,800 square foot wellness clinic in the James Monroe Building at 101 N. 14th Street. The clinic is designed specifically for the convenience of state employees and to encourage them to seek preventive care. Employees can make appointments regarding health concerns ranging from coughs and headaches to the flu or minor burns.

The center is staffed with six health professionals, employed by VCU Health, including a full-time medical director and a physician’s assistant.

“We want people to be well, we want to provide the kind of access that’s necessary in order to ensure that people can be well as quickly as they possibly can, and don’t put things off, and know that we are here as a partner,” Virginia Commonwealth University President Michael Rao said during the ribbon cutting.

Health coaching is also provided on site to monitor chronic medical conditions. The state has already run the CommonHealth program for 30 years, which is aimed at sharing health advice and improving health behaviors through regional coordinators. Capitol Square Healthcare is the next step in encouraging employees to pursue preventive care.



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