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Giving VCU employees the wellness resources they need to be healthy both on and off campus

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Motivational Monday

At VCU HR Work/Life – we want you to live your best life – at work and at home! Start by being kind to yourself!

Today’s Funny!

Did you know…….?

VCU Employees have access to Kanopy: Video Streaming Service Kanopy: Video streaming service Find It Kanopy is a large, educational streaming video service. It provides easy access to more than 26,000 documentaries, feature films, shorts and more. Kanopy adds new videos regularly, so check back to browse new content. Included are many of VCU Libraries’ most-circulated DVD […]

How Perfectionism Can Make You Sick – and How to Stop it

These simple strategies can help you address your perfectionism. There’s nothing wrong with striving to be better — it’s part of the human condition, after all. But when a desire for self-improvement turns into perfectionism, it can be toxic: Scientists have linked perfectionism to higher levels of stress, burnout, and anxiety. A 2007 study of people who died by […]

Stressed Out? Get Hydrated!

Stress can cause dehydration, and dehydration can cause stress. No matter which came first, the simple solution is to drink more water. The association between drinking water and stress is well documented. Our brains need water to operate properly. If you’re dehydrated, your brain is being taxed, which can lead to increased stress levels. Unfortunately, when we’re running around on vacation, […]

Motivational Monday!

Laughter is good for you!

VCU’s newest class is the most diverse class in VCU history! That’s what makes us awesome!

From Dr. Rao’s Welcome Back note on August 23rd: This fall, we welcome more than 30,000 students, including 6,000 new undergraduates beginning their academic careers at VCU. About 57% of our new students are from minority populations, making this the most diverse class in VCU’s history. And 32% percent of our new students are the […]

16 Strategies to Make Your Workout More Efficient When You’re Short on Time

These tips will help you get your sweat on, even if you have a crazy busy schedule. By Marina Khidekel, Editorial Director at Thrive Global When you don’t have enough time for your usual exercise regimen, the activity that usually helps you cope with stress and anxiety can become a stressor. Thankfully, it’s the quality of your workouts that matters most, not necessarily the duration of […]

7 People Share the “Flaws” They’ve Come to Love and Celebrate

With time and a little bit of self-compassion, you’ll start to celebrate your “imperfections,” too. By Marina Khidekel, Editorial Director at Thrive Global When we look in the mirror, we should see the things we love about ourselves. Yet all too often, we pay attention to the things we wish we could change. With time, though (and a little […]

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