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Did you know? 

Scientists have identified about 7,500 different kinds of apples around the world. 

An apple is more than 80 percent water. They also contain a lot of air. That’s why fresh apples float. 


When you get your apples home, sort and handle carefully, as they bruise easily. Keep apples refrigerated. Serve them cold or at room temperature, but keep your reserve supply refrigerated. To prevent absorbing other food flavors and odors and to maintain proper humidity, store them in plastic bags with ventilation holes in the hydrator drawer of the refrigerator. 

An Apple A Day 

You can enjoy apples in a variety of ways – fresh or frozen, whole or sliced, juice or cider. Here are just a few great ways to have your “apple a day.” 

• Whip up a frozen applesauce “slushie” in your blender for a breakfast beverage. 

• Stash dried apples in your glove compartment or desk for a quick snack. 

• Slice an apple onto your sandwich for a crunchy treat. 

• Dice an apple into a salad for extra zip. 

• Spoon canned apple slices onto low-fat pound cake for a tasty, elegant dessert. 

• Mix apple chunks into hot cereal or put them on pan cakes to energize your breakfast. 

• Drink apple juice instead of coffee during your morning commute. 

• Pack an apple in your backpack or briefcase for a snack on the go. 

• Dip apple slices in vanilla low- or no-fat yogurt for an easy snack. 

• Microwave a cored apple in a little juice or cider for a quick, low-calorie dessert. 

Cooking Hints 

When cooking with apples, use very little water; none for pies, Betties, etc. Add only enough water for apple sauce to prevent the apples from scorching. 

GROW Information supplied by the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services • 

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