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A source of enduring happiness
Giving comes easily for Umesh Desai, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and director of the Institute for Structural Biology, Drug Discovery and Development in the VCU School of Pharmacy.
Umesh Desai [View Image]
“To me, it’s obvious. Philanthropy is a mechanism to express gratitude to people and institutions that have contributed to your success.”
Desai, who joined the School of Pharmacy as an assistant professor in 1998, has made annual gifts to the School of Pharmacy for more than 20 years. Philanthropy is a source of enduring happiness, he says, knowing that his support makes a difference in the lives of others.

“There’s a difference between pleasure and happiness,” he explains. “Pleasure, such as what one gets from material possessions, is temporary. Happiness, especially when it comes from doing something for someone else, is long-lasting. VCU provides a phenomenal platform to be your best and help people at the university and in the greater community. Giving back is my duty.”

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