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Urchin, VCU’s self-hosted webstats software, has been upgraded to version 7. The new version of this Google product includes a number of added features as well as some improved ones, including a user interface that will be familiar to users who’ve used Google Analytics.

We also took the opportunity during this upgrade to change the way users can log in to Urchin. University webmasters can now use their VCU eID and password to access Urchin, but you must still request that a user account and profile be created before you can log in. To get an account, simply email your request. Be sure to include a list of the sites that you manage in the body.

If you already have an Urchin account, simply go to and login with your VCU eID and password.

To see a more complete list of Urchin, version 7, feature, please visit Statistics, Web

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