Digital Brand Style Guide

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VCU’s digital presence has a central role when it comes to building the brand. It is essential the digital design aligns with overall visual expression of our brand. Digital guidelines increase VCU brand awareness by creating unified brand elements and better user experiences that are easily recognizable. Guidelines also provide standards to ensure that all VCU sites use brand elements consistently. 

As part of the overall VCU brand, all VCU websites (sites within the domain) require usage of an approved brand bar and a footer containing specific information and other branding elements. Prior to listing, all sites must pass the VCU A-Z Manager review.

Exceptions exist for marketing initiatives such as annual reports, digital magazines, and specific use cases, however all exceptions to approved brand element usage require pre-approval. To request a review, contact


Web standards – In depth information on guidelines, procedures and requirements

Compass — VCU’s web framework — provides building blocks and guidelines to develop websites that are consistent in branding and structure across the university.

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