Our angles were developed with the inspiration of the Golden Angle. With its relevancy to math, science, art and nature, we modified it to create a composition for our design system that speaks to the spirit of VCU — pushing boundaries and challenging the norm. 


The rule is the first component. Our 152-degree angle was aligned to a four-column grid (a 1:3 ratio) in which the apex aligns to the center of the first column. Origin, example 1 [View Image]


Next, we wanted to add that creative distinctiveness that sets VCU apart. By duplicating and enlarging the first angle, the second component becomes offset and its apex aligns with the first column gutter. Origin, example 2 [View Image]


A fill was then applied and the shape extended downward to create the brand mark container. Origin, example 3 [View Image]

View graphic versionView graphic version