Other branding configurations

Dual branding configuration is used primarily for co-hosted events. The marks must be sized equally.

When creating materials for co-hosted events, it is recommended that the angle container not be used. Never place more than one brand mark inside an angle container.

Limit brand placement in a single context to two marks. If more are required, resort to a list format of wordmarks to avoid cluttering the page.


Multiple unit branding

Multiple unit branding, example 1 [View Image]


Multiple unit branding, example 2 [View Image]

 Multiple unit branding, example 3 [View Image]



Used for services, programs and initiatives that have a need for continued marketability to the VCU community. Approval by University Relations is required. NOTE: Schools, departments, offices and divisions are not sub-brands.

Sub-brands use the secondary color palette; colors outside of the palette require approval from University Relations.Sub-brands [View Image]


The following questions will help determine if you are eligible for VCU sub-branding:

Please send your answers, a written description of your organization and a sample of any
existing logos to the VCU identity email.

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