Our brand

Portrait photo of VCU and VCU Health President Dr. Michael Rao [View Image]VCU has a strong identity.

We have grit and tenacity. We are creative and caring. We are a nationally and internationally recognized urban public research university. People know this because we have a strong brand. We have a unified image.

Recently, the VCU brand went through an extensive refresh. The following pages within this guide contain updated standards, images, logos and fonts. By using this brand guide and adhering to the policies it sets forth, you are committing yourself to further strengthening the university’s identity and recognition locally, nationally and internationally.

The brand guide is a tool to help you and provide our audience with a strong visual identity and sense of unity. I know I can count on every person representing VCU to follow the guidelines provided.

As members of the VCU community, you are also our ambassadors. I appreciate the hard work you do to solidify our respected reputation, and I thank you for adhering to the brand standards set by the guide.

Michael Rao, Ph.D.
President, VCU and VCU Health

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