Secondary unit marks

Only approved secondary units are eligible for these marks. These are typically departments or sub-units that hierarchically fall directly under major business units.

Units (and vendors) should not create their own brand marks. University Relations will supply all secondary brand marks.

Tertiary units cannot appear within a brand mark or alone.

Depending on context and priority, the primary and secondary units are interchangeable. The primary unit is not always required.



The secondary unit can take the primary unit’s position in the brand mark while the primary unit remains as the anchor in the mark.

Secondary unit marks can be requested on the VCU website.

NOTE: While University Relations recommends omitting “Department of”, “Office of” and “Division of”, it is optional nomenclature that can be used at the discretion of the secondary unit.


Primary with secondary (#RF1)
Primary with secondary [View Image]


Secondary with primary (inverted mark #RF2)
Secondary with primary [View Image]


Secondary alone (at primary unit's discretion)
Secondary alone [View Image]


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