The simple wordmark is set in Univers LT Std 45 Light.

Simple wordmarks are to be used when the production process limits the use of the standard mark.

“VCU” must always precede the name of the unit.

If space is an issue, the simple wordmark may be stacked in two lines.


ExamplesWordmarks of examples for Master, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary [View Image]

Alternate Wordmark

An alternate graphic wordmark has been developed for use when primary units have a need for high-impact branding in spaces where the existing unit brand mark (or wordmark) is too light in weight.

The use of this new wordmark is only acceptable in advertising or promotional materials. It cannot be used on stationery, websites, official documents, building signage, collateral (brochures, support or informational materials, etc.)

The alternate wordmarks will be available for main business units only, and all usages need to be approved by University Relations. 

Contact University Relations' Brand Identity office for more information.

Examples: [View Image]

View graphic versionView graphic version