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Implementing career development into your courses

Process Wheel [View Image]As your partner in preparing students for personal and professional success, we have created a series of easy-to-implement career development exercises for your courses.  Our activities are based upon 11 primary career-related learning goals that align with our advising model and with the mission, vision, and existing outcomes of the university.

These learning goals were identified with the intent that all students participating in career-related courses would achieve these goals by engaging in activities and assignments meant to foster active consideration and exploration of career opportunities. These activities are part of a collaborative effort to:

  1. assist staff and faculty in developing career-related courses.
  2. ensure that students are acquiring core professional development knowledge essential for post-graduate success.

When creating a course syllabus, it is important to take into account how the 11 primary career-related learning goals are directly measured. In other words, each learning goal should have an assignment or activity that measures whether or not the student achieved the goal.

How to implement these activities in your courses

Each of the career-related learning goals and specific student learning outcomes is outlined Career Course Activities Workbook. For additional consultation or assistance, please contact Haley Sims at 804-828-1645.

Exercises based on our advising model


Gain self-knowledge. Explore industries. Research the market.


Evaluate and reflect on the factors that influence your career decisions.


Craft your message and "brand" for your defined audiences.


Learn to effectively apply the tools to articulate goals and find success.


Continue to grow and learn within your profession.

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