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Preparing future faculty program 

Learn to become a great professor through the VCU Preparing Future Faculty Program. This short course series provides those interested in careers in academia with the skills necessary to effectively educate and addresses current issues and trends in college classrooms. Courses are open to all degree-seeking graduate students. Graduate students who are enrolled full-time can register for the courses at no additional charge as long as their total semester enrollment does not exceed 15 hours.

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Search resources

The majority of postings for teaching and research opportunities are found in specialized websites that cater to higher education as well as each college or university’s own website. As you begin your search, familiarize yourself with each school’s hiring cycle as they often differ depending upon the institution and sometimes the subject area.

Explore these common search resources for jobs in higher education

Higher Ed Jobs


Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

Academic Keys


Academic 360

VCU faculty recruitment

Writing a teaching philosophy

A teaching philosophy is a brief statement that details your outlook on teaching, a description of your teaching methodology, and justifies your rationale for your methods as an educator. Your teaching philosophy should convince the reader that you think deeply about your approach to teaching, your goals as an educator, and it should summarize the other sections of your portfolio.

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Writing a research statement 

You may be asked to provide a research “summary,” It’s my understanding that the comma goes inside the parenthesis - both here and a few words down on “proposal.” “statement” or “proposal”. Pay close attention to which word is used. In most cases, the word summary signifies that you should focus on your current research. If asked for a “statement,” focus on writing about your current research as well as your aspirations for future research.

The purpose of such a statement is to provide a search committee a general understanding of your research interests and who you are as a researcher. Research statements also give committees clues about your writing and your potential fit within the department.

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Writing a diversity statement 

 Many institutions ask for a diversity statement as a part of the application process. A diversity statement is simply a brief synopsis of your philosophy on diversity and can take several forms. It can detail your ability to challenge and support diverse students the classroom, how you address diversity in your research, or how your personal experiences have prepared you to thrive in diverse settings.

An effective statement adds value to your application. Even if it is not requested, it is recommended that you include a brief statement as a part of your application package or include it as a part of your teaching philosophy.

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