Health care careers

The health care sector offers diverse opportunities in clinical, research and administrative settings. Opportunities span from patient care and advocacy to research, health care policy and public health. While these careers are often very rewarding — both personally and financially — most require a minimum of four to eight years of education before beginning a career. Explore this section to learn if a career in health care is right for you.

Discover your options

Our science and health career advisors can help you match your specific interests to a health care career. Do your research to learn about potential career paths in health care. The following websites are a good place to start:
This multidisciplinary, interactive website offers extensive information on clinical and nonclinical career paths in health care.

Pursue a pre-health major

Most students pursuing careers in the health sciences enter the College of Humanities and Sciences with a major or concentration in a pre-health field that they select at the time of admission to VCU. VCU students first must select a major area of study; then they may pick an advising track. For example, students cannot be “a pre-dental major,” but they can have a major in chemistry with the pre-dental advising track.

The Office of Pre-Health Sciences Advising in University Academic Advising offers specific academic advising for pre-health students:

When selecting a major, consider the following:

  • What subject(s) am I most interested in? The more interested you are in a subject, the more likely it is that you will be motivated to study and understand the subject matter and therefore do better in the course.
  • What knowledge, skills and abilities will I obtain from pursuing this major? How will they help me become the best (insert health profession position) I can be? How will I utilize my knowledge, skills and abilities in my line of work?
  • What foundational knowledge will best prepare me for professional school work?

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