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You don't stop learning once you get the job

If technical skills often lead to a foot in the door at an organization, then your professional skills are what open the majority of doors in the future. Your personal work ethic, attitude, communication skills, leadership ability, emotional intelligence and other attributes often weigh just as heavily as technical skills.  Learning and growing as a professional is a lifelong process and with experience comes a richer understanding of how to blend professional skills with technical skills.

Passport to Professionalism

The Passport to Professionalism is a module-based course designed to teach basic professional skills such as communication, etiquette, and teamwork. This free resource can be completed independently or with a supervisor as a part of an internship.

 Why The Passport?

Employers asked us to create this program.  They wanted their student employees and interns to learn basic professional workplace skills.  Supervisors genuinely care about their students and want them to flourish, but most supervisors don’t have the time to do a lot of training.

Alumni wished they had such a program.  We have heard alumni say something like “I wish I had known what the real world was like before my first job.” There is a steep learning curve in many first jobs and The Passport makes it much easier to succeed after graduation because you will already understand professional behavior and work expectations.

The steps:

  1. Review the learning modules and decide which ones to complete as a part of your professional development.
  2. Complete the modules by either watching the videos or reading the in-depth guides for each topic.
  3. If applicable, complete the assignments with your supervisor based upon a schedule you agree on.

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