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The Center offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Bioinformatics, an integrative discipline that combines 21st century high-throughput life sciences technologies such as genomics and proteomics with computer science, information technology, mathematics, and statistics.

Bioinformatics relies on the use of programming, software, and databases to collect, organize, and analyze large amounts of biological data. Leading 21st-century biologists, biomedical scientists and doctors use bioinformatics tools like last century’s biologists used test tubes and pipettes.

Bioinformatics graduates are competitive for graduate and professional degrees and are well prepared for interdisciplinary careers in academics, industry and government.

The Center offers a Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics and a Master of Science in Bioinformatics with a traditional thesis and a business-oriented non-thesis degree option. We also participate in the Integrative Life Sciences doctoral program, a unique, flexible, interdisciplinary program designed for the student who seeks new ways to answer emerging research questions. While still centered on a core academic curriculum, this Ph.D. program offers opportunities to draw from the varied disciplines that comprise VCU Life Sciences, including bioinformatics.

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