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ZOOM is one of the tools you can access from within Blackboard, as an on-line synchronous communication tool (e.g., real-time interactions and discussions).  By default, Zoom is installed within your blackboard classroom and here is a short overview of how to get it up-and-running.

  1. Log into your class at blackboard.vcu.edu.
  2. Zoom is deployed through the normal content system as a “Tool” option.  In the examples that follow, I’m using my ENVS543 class wherein I have content for each lecture as items under “Course Documents”.
  3. To schedule a Zoom session in Blackboard, add a new Tool to your content.   Zoom is located under the “Tools -> More Tools” menu item.Adding a zoom session to your Blackboard content [View Image]
  4. This will create an item in your content folder, just like other ones, where you can put a TitleDescription, and Dates on it, and it will show up as normal.  Zoom entry [View Image]
  5. When students click a Zoom page will open up and you can proceed as normal.Zoom session within blackboard. [View Image]

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