ENVS MS Student Wins National Logo Design Competition

State of the Map 2020 Logo [View Image]

Second-year MS student Kaycee Faunce is busy racking up an impressive list of accomplishments. For her thesis, Kaycee is conducting an ambitious modeling project on the landscape-scale regulators of organic carbon age in U.S. rivers. This is a critically important project because rivers are traditionally assumed to be carbon sinks, but recent work suggests that rivers may release large amounts of carbon to the atmosphere, thereby exacerbating climate change.

While working on her thesis, Kaycee has secured and started a competitive, full-time position with the U.S. Geological Survey. She has also continued to expand her technical skills through Environmental Studies coursework. Most recently, she completed the “Infographics” class, co-taught by ENVS professor Dan McGarvey and Communication Arts professor Sarah Faris. In this class, Kaycee has dramatically enhanced her design and visual communication skills. Armed with these new skills, Kaycee entered and won a logo design for competition for the 2020 “State of the Map U.S.” conference, scheduled for November in Tucson, AZ. This conference is an annual gathering for OpenStreetMap (the open-source competitor to Google Maps) data and application developers, and for Geographic Information Science professionals. As a reward, Kaycee will receive free conference registration and a $300 travel credit.

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