Graduate departmental scholarships

Graduate students who meet the listed criteria for the scholarships/ fellowships listed below.  You can find more information regarding the application process at the College of Humanities and Sciences.

James Quagliano Fellowship:

The family of James V. Quagliano, Ph.D., established this endowment in 2005 in his memory. Quagliano was the husband of Lidia M. Vallarino Quagliano, Ph.D., professor in the VCU Department of Chemistry. The fellowship is awarded to a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry who demonstrates academic merit and need and who has successfully completed his/her cumulative exams.

Lidia M. Vallarino Scholarship:

Established by Lidia M. Vallarino-Quagliano, Ph.D., a professor in the VCU Department of Chemistry for 22 years, this scholarship honors  Ph.D. candidate in chemistry who demonstrates academic merit and need. Students must have successfully completed his/her cumulative exams.

Billy Stump/Ray Ottenbrite Fellowship:

This scholarship was established to honor the teaching, scholarship and mentoring of Billy Stump, Ph.D., (posthumous) and Raphael Ottenbrite, Ph.D., former professors of Chemistry at VCU. The fellowship is designated for a graduate student summer fellowship in the Department of Chemistry. Recipient must be a US citizen and a graduate student in good academic standing and currently enrolled in the Department at the time the funds are disbursed, recipient intends to pursue a career in industry.

R. Gerald & Sue Bass Scholarship:

Upon his retirement from the Department of Chemistry in 1998, R. Gerald Bass, Ph.D., and his wife Susan established this endowment. The scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate chemistry student based on need or merit.

Albert T. Sneden Award:

The Albert T. Sneden III Scholarship in chemistry was established by alumni, friends and associates of Sneden upon his retirement to honor his 28-year career at VCU. Sneden was the former executive associate dean of the College and is a professor emeritus in the Department of Chemistry. The scholarship is available to qualified undergraduate or graduate students majoring in chemistry who are in good academic standing.  Graduate student applicants should have at least a 3.0 GPA with no grade lower than a B. Undergraduate applicants must be current juniors or seniors who have a minimum GPA of 2.75 and are “true” chemistry majors (not pre-med students).

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