The Center for High Performance Computing (CHiPC) was formed in 2006 to provide the VCU Research Community with the high performance computing resources needed to be competitive in the 21st Century. The CHiPC has grown in response to VCU’s Quest 2020 and Quest 2025 strategic plans and offers a centralized resource for HPC hardware and software support in an interdisciplinary environment.

 CHiPC Storage Photo [View Image]CHiPC Storage 1 PB

Mission: In support of VCU’s Quest 2025 Strategic plan, the mission of the Center for High Performance Computing (CHiPC) is to advance scientific research at VCU in areas that benefit from large-scale computation. These areas span mathematics and computational sciences, the physical and chemical sciences, engineering, the life sciences, medicine, and the arts and humanities. The CHiPC will provide the supercomputing clusters, large-scale storage systems, specialized software, technical expertise in the use of such software and expertise in developing new software for this compute intensive environment.

Please feel free to contact Mike Davis at (804) 828-3885 or to email jmdavis1@vcu.edu to discuss your HPC needs.

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