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Community engagement conferences

The Center for Community Engagement and Impact provides a compiled listing of scholarly conferences related to community engagement. VCU service-learning faculty presenting at community engagement conferences may be eligible for funding through the Service-Learning Travel Grants Program.

Community engagement conferences

International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community-Engagement (IARSLCE)
The conference is a scholarly venue to disseminate new knowledge on service-learning and community engagement. The focus of presentations, symposiums and keynotes is on research incorporating a variety of theoretical, methodologies and perspectives.

Engagement Scholarship Consortium (ESC)
The Engagement Scholarship Consortium is composed of higher education member institutions, a mix of state-public and private institutions. Our goal is to work collaboratively to build strong university-community partnerships anchored in the rigor of scholarship, and designed to help build community capacity.

Campus Compact National Conference
Campus Compact is a national coalition of 1,000+ colleges and universities committed to the public purposes of higher education. We build democracy through civic education and community development.

Annual Connecting Campuses with Communities
The weeklong conference is a two-part event that focuses on building a network of scholars and practitioners and offers participants the opportunity to attend either the Service-Learning Institute or the Research Academy or maximize their professional development by attending both parts.

East Region Campus Compact Bi-Annual Conference
Advancing the public purpose of colleges and universities by deepening their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility.

National society for experiential education (NSEE)
National Society for Experiential Education is a nonprofit membership organization composed of educators, businesses, and community leaders. Founded in 1971, NSEE also serves as a national resource center for the development and improvement of experiential education programs nationwide.

Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education
The mission of the Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education is to promote networking among practitioners, research, ethical practices, reciprocal campus-community partnerships, sustainable programs, and a culture of engagement and public awareness through service-learning and other forms of civic engagement.

American Educational Research Association (AERA): Service-Learning and Experiential Education SIG
The AERA Service-Learning and Experiential Education SIG is dedicated to bringing together researchers, practitioners, and community partners to build and promote understanding and practice of service-learning and experiential education for the betterment of the field and the reform of K-20 education, both in the US and Abroad. We are committed to highlighting high-impact research and conceptual papers and sessions that are scholarly, inclusive, and representative of a wide range of disciplines, including the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Imagining America National Conference
The conference enables people to build and sustain relationships that link stories, fulfill the democratic purposes of higher education and address collective challenges.

Annual Conference of the Association of American Colleges (AACU)
AAC&U member institutions are ensuring that students are prepared for life and work through curricular and cocurricular transformation. Scaled-up high-impact practices, high-quality assessment of curricular and co-curricular learning, transparent and well-designed educational pathways from the first to the final year, and the creation of inclusive campuses that promote student success are a few of the practices that higher education offers to ensure that students are now gaining the essential skills that are valued by employers and necessary for democratic participation and a life well-lived.

AACU: General education, pedagogy, and assessment
The AAC&U Conference on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment invites colleagues from all areas of the higher education landscape to join in sharing efforts to create intentional and integrated general education programs, to assess our current practices, and to generate evidence of high-quality learning for all students. This conference invites educators to reflect on how to navigate turbulent contexts and maintain steady progress toward quality and equity.

AACU: Diversity, equity, and student success
The AAC&U Conference on Diversity, Equity, and Student Success focuses on building coalitions and breaking down institutional siloes to build more just and equitable campuses and communities. This conference includes opportunities to explore how educators are breaking down barriers and building coalitions to advance effective practices, identifying solutions to enduring challenges, and leading change for the common good.

AACU: Global citizenship for campus, community, and careers
The AAC&U Conference on Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers explores practical and theoretical approaches to global learning at the course, departmental, and institutional levels. This conference includes opportunities to examine tactics and strategies that make global learning experiences more inclusive.

AACU: Transforming STEM higher education
The AAC&U Conference on Transforming STEM Higher Education questions and examines the entire range of contemporary challenges to—and opportunities for—STEM higher education reform. This conference focuses on advancing undergraduate STEM education reform that brings diverse perspectives and world-views to bear on levers of change.

Annual Conference of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU)
APLU is a research, policy and advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening and advancing the work of public universities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

International symposium on service-learning (ISSL)
The purpose of the 8th International Symposium on Service-Learning is to focus on transitions in higher education and the role that critical service-learning plays in social transformation. One of the main areas of focus will be on student and faculty delivery of critical service-learning experiences and becoming agents of positive change for their communities and universities. We will learn more about the significant role that service-learning plays in students becoming more engaged and active citizens, faculty teaching in more critical and collaborative ways, and the community growing into living knowledge incubators. These focal points will be threaded throughout a variety of presentation types and formats to allow for meaningful dialogue among academics, community partners, students, and other professionals.

Global Service-Learning Summit (GSL)
The Global Service-Learning Summit is themed as One World: Inclusion and Transformation in Global Service Learning and it provides the attendees with the opportunity to gain insights into the work and challenge of supporting global learning at home and abroad and the connections that apply in both settings, best practices, program models, and ethical approaches for global service-learning and community-campus partnerships, and much more.

William and Mary Active Citizens Conference
Join students, faculty and community leaders coming together to learn about the best practices for impacting community and mobilizing social change.

JMU Engagement for the Public Good Conference
Engagement for the public good conference is a conference for faculty, administrators, engagement professionals, students, and community members. Collaborate with peers and share strategies, research, and best practices relating to civic learning and partnering with communities on and off-campus.


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