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Compass Web Framework

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The hero is a large promotional section that brings the user's attention to priority content. It provides a content area that allows for full-width background image, plus a title, short blurb and links to other key journey-related content. 


Large hero image with caption [View Image]

The compass [View Image]

Background image

This is an example of a hero with an image and caption. By default, the hero will appear in the main content area.

A dog and student hanging out at VCU's compass [View Image]

No background image

This is an example of a hero with no background image included. By default, the hero will appear in the main content area with a black background.

Code reference

When to use

Heroes are typically used at the very top of a page to provide visual representation and introductory messaging, but they may be placed in other areas of your page as well. 

On a large screen, the short blurb will show up directly on top of the image in either the bottom left, bottom center or bottom right corners. On a small mobile screen, the short blurb will show up underneath the entire image.

How to use



A name for your hero is the only required element. However, you must enter some text to avoid a blank caption wrapper appearing on your page. 

Images are not required. If you do not upload an image, the caption will appear against a black background. 

Accessibility considerations

Make sure to check that all content entered into this component meets web accessibility standards.

Quick links

A class full of students take notes during a lecture [View Image]

Sidebar hero

This is an example of a sidebar hero. Add the word "Sidebar" to the hero component name to have it appear in the right column.

View graphic versionView graphic version