RTR Residency Program

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RTR (formerly Richmond Teacher Residency) began as a partnership between Virginia Commonwealth University and Richmond Public Schools (RPS) to recruit, prepare, support, and retain highly effective teachers and teacher leaders who are committed to the students of RPS for the long term. RTR is an intensive, school-based teacher preparation model that combines the best of traditional and alternate route teacher preparation programs, ensuring that outstanding candidates are well-prepared and profession-ready on their very first day as teachers of record.

Residents complete a graduate education in the VCU School of Education within one year while working alongside a master teacher in their area of choice. Residents experience a rigorous curriculum and challenging coursework while learning how to teach in a high needs school. Through use of the cohort model, support is provided both in the VCU academic and public school settings. Each resident is prepared with knowledge of the curriculum, teaching methods, and child development while spending an entire year co-teaching with a carefully selected trainer and master/mentor teacher. Their passion, dedication, and commitment to social justice for students in historically marginalized communities, along with rigorous academic training, prepare the residents to lift up our communities from inside the classroom.

Once hired as teachers of record, RTR graduates receive one-on-one mentoring for at least one hour a week from a highly-skilled, content-specific career coach. This strong induction support is a critical component of RTR because research shows that the most effective teachers leave urban school systems within the first two years (Barnes, Crowe & Schaefer, 2007; Darling-Hammond & Sykes, 2003; National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, 2007).

The Center for Teacher Leadership at the School of Education oversees the day-to-day governance and management of RTR. Based on its success in Richmond Public Schools, RTR has expanded to serve Petersburg City Public Schools, Chesterfield County Public Schools, and Henrico County Public Schools.

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