Disability Support for Students

Disability support services are provided for documented disabilities and can include academic and/or clinical accommodations, as well as consultations. Our mission at DAS is to create inclusive and accessible learning environments and facilitate academic success through innovative services and programs in partnership with faculty, staff and students at VCU. We are focused on your success. With that focus, DAS does not conduct psychological testing or assessments, but there are resources at VCU and in the community. 

It is important to note that academic accommodations are NOT retroactive. This means that any work completed or turned in prior to sharing your accommodations letter with the professor/instructor will not be included in your accommodations. This is one important reason why it is best to register with DAS early, even if you do not utilize accommodations at the beginning of the semester. If you do wish to use accommodations later in the semester, beginning the process then may take longer than you anticipate and delay any potential academic accommodations.

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