Introduction to the MCV Testing Center

The MCV Testing Center is utilized for a variety of purposes, but two are the focus. It is used to provide space for those students with testing accommodations and for those students who, for whatever reason, are not taking their exam at the same time as the rest of their class. Any academic accommodation must be approved through DAS and then shared with the class professor/instructor before being valid. Any student without testing accommodations who will be taking their exam before or after the rest of their class must have this approved and set up with DAS by their professor/instructor.

Note for Students: If you are late for your exam in the Testing Center, please call to notify us and call or email your professor/instructor. This is important. There will be no make-up time given for your exam. If your exam is scheduled from 9-10:30 am and you arrive at 9:10 am, your exam time will still end at 10:30 am. You will not get the missed time back.

Note for Professors: Please be sure that you send your exam to Katelyn Acree with plenty of time before your student’s scheduled appointment. The Testing Center can get busy, and last-minute exam requests may delay your student. Also, it is essential to confirm times with the Testing Center before assuming your student can test there (if the student is taking their exam without accommodations).


Accommodated Testing Form - Please use this form if not testing at the DAS Testing Center.

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