Human-Centered Design is all about the people and communities we design for. When solving problems or responding to challenges, we can sometimes be tempted to create solutions without considering their full impact. This certificate helps students reorganize their thinking to prioritize the person or people who would benefit from the solutions we create. Through a strong foundation in the philosophy and practice of Design Thinking; you will learn to use innovation to problem solve with people and communities in mind.

I'm Interested in Human-Centered Design - how do I get in?

You must be accepted to VCU to apply to our certificate programs. Accepted students who are Undeclared majors are welcome to apply. Once you are a VCU student here are the steps:

1. Complete the application (applications accepted on a rolling basis, apply any time!)

2. Wait for application review by one of our assistant directors

3. Be on the lookout for an email with our decision

What is an undergraduate certificate?

An undergraduate certificate is a set of courses you take in addition to your primary degree. These courses are meant to broaden your skills in a specific area of interest in addition to what you are studying as part of your major. For example, if you are a Psychology major and are accepted to our Product Innovation program, you would graduate with a B.S in Psychology and a Certificate in Product Innovation. You can think of a certificate as a less formal version of a minor.


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