Background checks

Read the full Policy for Conducting Criminal Background Checks

As an applicant to the VCU School of Dentistry, all accepted candidates will be required to submit to a criminal background check prior to matriculation. A final decision about matriculation will be made after a review of the applicant’s CBC.

The rationale for performing CBCs is to:

  • Foster patient safety and well-being
  • Bolster the continuing trust of the public in the dental profession
  • Ascertain the ability of accepted applicants and enrolled dental students to eventually become licensed as dentists
  • Minimize the liability of dental schools and their affiliated clinical facilities

The CBC will not be a component of the application, interview or selection process but will be a mandatory component of the pre-matriculation process. The final decision regarding matriculation of an applicant will be based on the self-reported information in the candidate’s application and information in the CBC report. Factors involved in the final decision may include, but are not limited to:

  • The nature, circumstances and frequency of any reported offense(s)
  • The length of time since the offense(s)
  • Available information that addresses efforts at rehabilitation
  • The accuracy of the information provided by the applicant

The information obtained through a CBC will not become part of a student’s academic file and will remain confidential unless the findings result in an institutional action by the School of Dentistry.

Only candidates offered a position in the program will be asked to provide a CBC through ADEA CAAPID prior to matriculation at their own expense. After an offer of acceptance is forwarded to the candidate, they will be prompted by ADEA CAAPID to complete a background check through Certiphi.