HSA at Cosby

Eligibility requirements

Cosby High School Health Sciences Specialty Center students.

Program description

HSA at Cosby is an academic year program where participants take a three-credit VCU dual-enrollment course in the spring.  HSA Cosby participants take a health sciences exploration course, interactive lectures from health care workers, participate in a mentoring program with VCU undergraduates and attend field trips to VCU.

Spring 2019
CMST 210 Health Careers Exploration I
Tentative Syllabus

  • Semester Course, 3 credits
  • Lectures from health care workers in various fields
  • Mentoring seminars at Cosby high school
  • Activities at VCU academic and Health campuses

This course helps students learn college success skills, make informed decisions about health careers they wish to pursue and plan college-level courses and extracurricular activities to achieve goals.


September 2018 - May 2019.


Cosby High School Health Sciences Specialty Center.
VCU Monroe Park and VCU Health Campus.

Contact information

Dr. Seth Leibowitz at (804) 828-1761 or hsacademy@vcu.edu

Developed in 2008, the Health Sciences Academy (HSA) helps high school students make informed choices about the health professions they wish to pursue while providing resources to pursue their chosen careers. 

More than 20 percent of the graduates who complete the course choose to attend VCU for their undergraduate studies. Participants also report that the curriculum has a dramatic impact on their career choices and makes them feel prepared for the academic rigor of the college experience.

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