Oral Pathology Review Images

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Dr. Dennis Page of the Department of Oral Pathology (now Oral Diagnostic Sciences) of the VCU School of Dentistry developed this collection of images to help students learn about the most common abnormalities of the oral cavity. The collection includes images of soft tissue abnormalities and radiographic abnormalities of the oral cavity. The images may be searched by type of abnormality, description, or Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).

This collection is of mixed copyright status and includes items that are in copyright as well as items that are in copyright, non-commercial use permitted. See individual items for item-specific copyright information.

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The original slides are held at Health Sciences Library Special Collections & Archives.

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Most Common Soft Tissue Abnormalities of the Oral Cavity
Most Common Radiographic Abnormalities of the Oral Cavity


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Amalgam tattoo
Multiple bilateral flat black discolorations of the alveolar ridge, Right and left mandibular alveolar ridge, Soft tissue abnormality
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Large multilocular radiolucent lesion of the posterior body and ramus of the mandible, Posterior body and ramus of the mandible, left side, Radiographic abnormality
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Angular cheilitis
Reddish groove in skin, Skin of left corner of mouth, Soft tissue abnormality
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Buccal exostoses
Bony hard nodules of alveolar ridge, Buccal aspect of the right maxillary alveolar ridge, Soft tissue abnormality
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Central giant cell granuloma
Large radiolucent lesion with scalloped borders of the body of the mandible. Note the root resorption of involved teeth., Body of the right mandible extending from the anterior teeth to the first molar, Radiographic abnormality
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Chronic cheek bites
Thickened ragged appearing white patch of the buccal mucosa, Right buccal mucosa, Soft tissue abnormality
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Complex odontoma
Large irregular shaped radiodense mass preventing the eruption of tooth #30. Note that the radiodensity of the mass is the same as the adjacent teeth., Posterior right mandible in area of unerupted tooth #30 and missing #31, Radiographic abnormality
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Compound odontoma
Dome-shaped radiodense mass above the crown of the unerupted canine composed of numerous small tooth-like structures . The mass is surrounded by a radiolucent zone., Anterior maxilla in the area of the unerupted tooth #6, Radiographic abnormality
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Condensing osteitis
Localized area of increased radiodensity of the alveolar bone extending from the apical portion of the distal root into the underlying bone forming a bulbous appearing radiodense mass. Note the faint outline of the root visible within this bone showing the increased radiodensity., Distal root of lower first molar, Radiographic abnormality
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Dentigerous cyst
Large well-defined unilocular radiolucency associated with the crown of the unerupted molar, Posterior body and ramus of the mandible, Radiographic abnormality
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Enlarged lingual tonsil
Reddish smooth-surfaced papules of the posterior lateral border of the tongue, Posterior lateral border of the tongue in the foliate papilla area, Soft tissue abnormality
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Epidermoid cyst
Large sessile swelling of the floor of the mouth, Floor of the mouth, Soft tissue abnormality