Major Requirements

The English major is structured to have students begin and end with a small, seminar-like course (English 301 Introduction to the Major and English 499 Senior Seminar) that creates a supportive, collaborative environment in which to foster sustained discussion, engaged interaction with the text, and a direct relationship with the faculty member.

In addition to these two required courses, we ask students to take courses from the literature of diversity, literature representing a range of historical periods, and linguistics, writing, or criticism. Students also have the opportunity to take electives as well. See the VCU Bulletin’s complete requirements for the BA in English.

Kelsie Potter, the Senior Advisor in English, will be able to help you identify those courses that best meet your interests and aspirations. The curriculum is also structured so that you can also pursue one of our four minors—Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Editing, American Studies, and English Studies—in addition to the major.

If you have additional questions, here are some relevant contacts:

You can also email for any other general questions. 

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