Scholarships & Opportunities

Select students in the MA graduate programs are funded by Graduate Assistantships available through the Department of English. These are awarded on a competitive basis and are generally renewable for up to two years.

Assistantships and Scholarships

The Graduate Assistantship is the MA program’s primary source of funding for its students. Assistantships include a full tuition waiver plus a stipend of $12,500. While most Graduate Assistants will be assigned to a professor teaching a large section of an introductory course (typically ENGL 215), from time to time Graduate Assistants are assigned to help with faculty research projects.

In addition to Graduate Assistantships, each fall semester the department will award a single student the Craig Sirles Masters in English Scholarship. This scholarship, which began in 2016, confers a one time payment to an outstanding first-year graduate student enrolling in the Masters Program. All applicants for full-time fall admission are automatically considered for the Sirles Scholarship.

The Dr. L. Terry Oggel Scholarship, funded by colleagues, friends and family of the current faculty member, honors his long-standing commitment to the Department and to MA program. This scholarship will be awarded to a student in good standing pursuing a Master of Arts in English. This scholarship fund will start making annual awards in the fall of 2018.

If you are hired as a GA and you file the FAFSA, keep in mind the federal loan eligibility will be impacted by the funding of the GA Contract. Total resources from loans, grants, scholarships and GA funding cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance.

Other Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Other scholarship support may be available to qualified students from the School of Graduate Studies. For more information, see the VCU Graduate School’s resources on financing graduate study:


Jennifer Rhee, Director of the MA Program
Thom Didato, Graduate Programs Advisor

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