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Building Managers

Each VCU school, department or building has a building manager(s) serving as a liaison between their group and VCU Facilities Management and VCU Safety and Risk Management (SRM).

On the Monroe Park Campus, building managers are appointed by deans or department heads. On the MCV Campus, building managers and emergency contacts are designated by the Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences for each department in larger buildings (e.g., Sanger Hall and Molecular Medicine Research Building), and some departments may have more than one building manager.

The Physical Plant campus coordinators—the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus each have a campus coordinator—work with building managers to communicate campus updates and maintain a list of current building managers (see the Contact your building manager section below) and other emergency contacts. The appropriate campus coordinator should be informed if there is a new building manager or if a current building manager needs to update their contact information.


Building manager responsibilities include: 

  • Serving as the primary point of contact between their school or department and Facilities Management as well as SRM. 
  • Reviewing, consolidating and submitting work requests on behalf of building occupants via the Facilities Self Service (FSS), and responding to work request surveys upon completion of the work.
  • Communicating with Physical Plant Operations Center (i.e., Customer Service) to request emergency services by calling (804) 828-9444 or obtaining non-emergency services via FSS, as necessary. 
  • Coordinating the provision of facility services, as necessary. 
  • Communicating the status of building issues and updates to building occupants.
  • Working with campus coordinators to seek solutions to recurring service issues.
  • Assisting with other facilities-related tasks to help maintain a safe and healthy work environment for building tenants. 

Contact your building manager

Check out the Monroe Park Campus list of building managers. 

Review the MCV Campus list of building managers.

Building Managers Guide

Building managers are encouraged to reference the Building Managers Guide, a resource to help them successfully serve in the role. Topics covered in the guide include, but are not limited to, how to request facility services, coordinate with building tenants, comply with fire and occupational safety guidance, and prepare for and respond to an emergency. 

More information

For more information about building managers and their responsibilities, or if you are a building manager and need support, please contact your campus coordinator

Virginia Commonwealth University
Division of Administration
700 W. Grace St., Suite 2200
Box 842502
Richmond, VA 23284-2502
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Customer Service: (804) 828-9444
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