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College of Humanities & Sciences

Department of Forensic Science

Undergraduate program mission & goals

The mission of the VCU Bachelor's of Science in Forensic Science Program is to provide students with a solid, well-rounded education preparing them for effective professional careers in public and private forensic laboratories, basic research laboratories, and clinical laboratories.

Supporting Goals

  • Students will be prepared to pursue advanced degrees in the physical sciences, biological sciences, forensic science, law, allied health and medicine.
  • Students will have a breadth of knowledge provided by a liberal arts approach to the discipline and by hands-on experience in the laboratory. 
  • Students will learn principles of evidence collection and preservation, forensic chemistry, forensic molecular biology, microscopy, criminalistic examinations, ethics, QA/QC, and professional practices. 
  • Students will also learn the importance of the scientific analysis of physical evidence and its place in the criminal justice system.
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